Center for Clinical Research


The Center for Clinical Research is a comprehensive support system for your clinical investigation and outcomes research. CCR faculty and staff can assist with research design and methods, protocol development, grant submission, statistical analysis, data management and study coordination. We bring expertise in project management, study preparation, regulatory document preparation and submission, monitoring and data management and analysis.

Our centralized infrastructure offers efficient and responsive clinical research support with a flexible menu of services. The shared infrastructure saves time and money, gives investigators a central point of contact, supports faculty, and strives to improve compliance and quality.  

In addition, the CCR helps coordinate and conduct industry-sponsored drug and device trials. These trials often provide patients access to alternative treatment options not widely available to the general population. Active participation in the research process helps our residents and our institution contribute to the development of more effective treatments to advance medical care in our region.


New drug shows promise for hard-to-treat depression

Research at SIU Medicine

Clinical research is fundamental to better treatments, improved medical care and a healthier world. And it’s a key component of academic medicine at SIU.

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