The structure of the Health Equity Scholar Pathway consists of professional learning in several identified program areas. These program areas include the following: 

  • Formal learning such as lectures, workshops, and guided book studies
  • Attending cultural or arts events that provide social connections to issues of equity or diversity OR providing clinical service work at Health D.E.P.O.T.
  • Literary research in anti-oppressive medical practices
  • Independent research that is not linked to other work or course requirements (or a creation of a course that culminates from such research)
  • Planning a symposium on health equity at the Kenniebrew Forum in February
  • Online learning such as podcasts, webinars, or conferences
  • Reflection tools
  • Spanish language events 
  • P4 and Med Prep support and service

Heath Equity Scholars will be matched with a Health Equity mentor during their participation in the pathway. 

All documentation of activities for participants will be captured in RedCap.