Harbinger of Goodwill Recipients

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The following people have recently received the Harbinger of Goodwill award:

Dughlas McCulley (Psychiatry) – “always courteous and friendly to every employee and patient; always suggesting things we could do to improve our department and make it run more efficiently; always willing to switch shifts proving his flexibility.”

Linda Buttry (SIU HC Core) – “instrumental in working with a department on their reports.  She created a step by step explanation of what each report shows and where the information comes from.  This will allow the department to maintain their recognition status and would not have been possible without her assistance.”

Andrew Saurs (Information Resources) – “Drew is very pleasant and outgoing when assisting employees with IT problems.”

Anita Weinhoeft (Surgery) – “has worked closely with the new Program Director to maintain the Orthopaedic Surgery Residency at a level of excellence to maintain full ACGME Accreditation.”

Dr. Sandra Ettema (Surgery) and Kelly Schmidt (Student Class of 2020) – “spoke to 30 high school students, the Science Department Chairperson states: ‘the students were in awe of Dr. Ettema’s passion for her craft and how her education has allowed her to make such a positive impact on so many lives.  Kelly was kind enough to talk about her college career, specifically how to prepare for the MCAT, as well as how she became aware of her chosen career path.  Dr. Ettema’s presentation has been the highlight of the course for the past two years.  This type of professional development is invaluable for science teachers.’

Kim Holder (FCM Core) – “organizing our department retreat, which will be held off-site and include providers and administrators from five sites throughout Illinois.  Kim’s meticulous organization and attention to details assure the retreat will flow smoothly.”

Cheryl Biesiada (Human Resources) – “maintained a sincere, helpful and respectful attitude with a department who was trying to create a new position”

Cindy Stelte (Neurology) – “an employee who regularly takes attendance at Grand Rounds was unable to walk a far distance due to being on crutches.  Without being asked, Cindy offered to get a wheelchair and push the employee to Grand Rounds and then stayed with her to ensure she returned safely after the meeting.”

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