Nominate an SIU Employee for Harbinger of Goodwill

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Have you witnessed an SIU School of Medicine employee who goes above and beyond his or her job duties?

Use this form to acknowledge an exemplary act performed by an SIU School of Medicine employee who you believe promotes, displays, and lives the SIU School of Medicine Behavior Standards.


Instructions: Complete the form providing as much information as you can.
If you have questions regarding the completion of this form, contact SIU Human Resources at 217-545-2076.

Name: Enter the name of the nominee.
Department: (Organization)

From the drop down list, select the name of the department where the appointee is employed.
The employee consistently meets the following behavior standards. (Please check those that apply)

  • Collaboration and Partnership
  • Compassion and Respect
  • Integrity and Accountability
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Continuous Improvement

Event Description: Provide a description of the situation involving the employee you are recognizing that clearly demonstrates he or she meets the criteria of the Harbinger of Goodwill award.

Name of Nominator: The nominator should sign the form before submitting (if sending hard copy.) If submitting via email, the name of the nominator should be entered.
Nominator’s Department (Organization)
From the drop down list, select the name of the department where the nominator is employed.
Phone: Enter the nominator's phone number
Date Nominated: Enter the date the nominator signed the form.

Download a nomination form here.

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