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The SIU School of Medicine MEDPREP program has served over 1700 students since 1972. MEDPREP alumni have entered health professions schools across the country including our affiliated SIU School of Medicine and SIU School of Dental Medicine.

Tiayrra Kirkwood
Wheeler Hall Building at SIU Carbondale Campus

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Sydney Marshall Telehealth

Aspects of a Learner | Sydney Marshall

Sydney Marshall is a shining example of the type of student MEDPREP was created to aid.
Barra Madden shares her love of dance

Aspects of a Learner | Barra Madden

Medical student Barra Madden had dreams of becoming a professional dancer until personal and familial health challenges forever changed her life – and career path.
Tiayrra Kirkwood

Aspects of a Learner | Tiayrra Kirkwood

Tiayrra Kirkwood - MEDPREP Class of 2021 Before enrolling in SIU’s post-baccalaureate preparatory program, Chicago Heights native Tiayrra Kirkwood was a caseworker for the State of Illinois. What did
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