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The Illinois CATCH onto Health! Consortium is a collaboration among community partners within the southern Illinois region aiming to improve child health through policy, system, and environmental changes.  This federally funded program supports the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child model and focuses on several dimensions of health such as physical health, mental health, sexual health, and social health. Approximately 75% of schools are implementing components of this program.  If you’d like to be one of these schools or to learn more about the Illinois CATCH onto Health! Initiative, please contact Ashley Moss at

Certified Peer Recovery Specialist

This program seeks to educate both the professional and private community sectors about the need for expansion of the CPRS profession in all entry-point areas involving substance use disorder.  Examples include jails/prisons, drug courts, probation offices, hospital emergency departments, doctor’s offices, sober living houses, health departments, and mental health clinics.

Certified Recovery Support Specialist

This program trains a professional with lived experiences with mental health and/or substance use challenges to help others as they move forward in their own recovery. A CRSS serves as a role model and encourages hope for others on their pathway to recovery. 

Community College Pathways to Medicine

This program helps to identify, encourage, and educate those students who have an interest in, or aptitude for, careers in medicine. Working with students in middle school, high school and community colleges, opportunities for participation in hands-on learning activities as well as presentations and discussion groups allows students to explore various opportunities in the medical field.  This includes both public and private schools, community colleges, extra-curricular school clubs, and the Upward Bound-TRIO program.

Drug Court Development and Expansion

Working with communities to educate the public about the work of their local drug court, expansion of services including Certified Peer Recovery Specialists, and promoting support for the drug courts by assisting with the formation of community alliances.

Drug Endangered Children and Family Facilitated Human Trafficking

This project offers education, awareness, and community alliance formation by certified National DEC trainers around the topics of drug endangered children and family facilitated human trafficking.  

Drug Overdose Prevention Program

A program offered by DHS to provide education about and distribution of Narcan, the opioid overdose reversal medication.

Farm Family Resource Initiative

The Southern Illinois University School of Medicine Center for Rural Health and Social Services Development (CRHSSD) is leading the effort to build a network of support and resources for Illinois farm families. The purpose of the initiative is to provide a range of resources including a helpline to assist with farmers and farm-related issues that include mental and physical health needs. Additionally, the initiative will offer ongoing outreach, education and training to rural clients and partners working to improve the health and safety of farm families.    

Hidden In Plain Site

This project offers a hands-on, interactive display of a teen bedroom that has hidden “clues” to drug use including paraphernalia and signs.  The room can be set up in a multitude of locations/settings and is used for community and parental education and awareness.    

Medicated Assisted Recovery (MAR) Training and Implementation Program

The MAR Stipend Program was designed to incentivize providers to become x-waivered, enabling them to prescribe buprenorphine for Opioid Use Disorder. This year the MAR Stipend Program offers funding to healthcare organizations that submit an MAR implementation plan and have at least one provider trained to implement MAR services at their organization.  The program offers funding to individual prescribers who partake in the X-waiver training and submit a Notice of Intent through SAMHSA or for providers who were previously X-Waivered, and begin implementation of MAR services between August 2021 and April 2022.    

Prescription Monitoring Program

The CRHSSD coordinates the Illinois Delta Counties Project Prescription Monitoring Program for the IDHS PMP.  The project involves coordinating PMP activities with 15 Delta Region health departments.  Activities include bi-monthly Narcan distributions, provider outreach to educate on the dangers of overprescribing opioids, advertising the PMPNow, and harm reduction activities.    

Resilient Southern Illinois

Provide resources to teachers and school staff to better assist students dealing with trauma.  By providing the tools necessary for students can better manage their emotions, students are able to then succeed in school.    

Rural Opioid Prescriber Training

Through the Rural Opioid Prescriber Training Program, trainings are developed for providers who prescribe opioids.  Webinar topics vary, and all address opioid prescribing best practices.  CMEs are provided through SIU School of Medicine.     

SUD Leadership Center

The CRHSSD SUD Leadership Center serves as the rural health expert in the network of five Illinois SUD Leadership Centers. The CRHSSD Leadership Center activities include expansion of telehealth, workforce development through creation of a Peer Recovery Support Specialist training program focused on addiction, development of Mobile Medication Assisted Recovery, and development of SUD programs for Veterans and justice-involved populations.    

Telemedicine Expansion

Working to identify the need for telemedicine services, coordination of resources to facilitate the development and implementation of services to meet the needs of patients in rural communities.    

Trauma Based Behavioral Health Fellowship

Masters level social work students specializing in child welfare, mental health and social work tracks are recruited for this additional multidisciplinary training.      

Upward Bound

Medical Reserve Corps

Southern Illinois Substance Usage Disorder Regional Coalition