We’re glad you are considering SIU School of Medicine as your springboard to a medical career. Our modestly sized, affordably priced institution is renowned as an innovator in medical education. While maintaining high academic standards, the SIU Admissions Committee looks beyond grades for evidence of responsibility, time management skills, maturity, integrity, social awareness, compassion, service orientation, proper motivation, identification with the goals and nature of the school, exploration of medicine as a career and good interpersonal skills. 

We accept applications through the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS), and give preference to residents of downstate Illinois and other underserved locations, including rural and inner-city areas.

Dr. Constance in Stadium
Dr. Albers

Janet Albers, MD Doctor, Leader, Teacher, Giver

Promoting change toward better health for individuals and communities has been a key goal of Dr. Albers' work at SIU for nearly 25 years.

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