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Student Medical Insurance Plan 

Student Medical Insurance Coverage: Student Health Services website.

Student Health Services 
374 East Grand Avenue - MC 6740 
Carbondale, Illinois 62901

Monday - Friday 
8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


Springfield Medical Students:

Medical students located in Springfield should contact the SIU Center for Family and Community Medicine. 

   SIU Center for Family and Community Medicine: 
   520 North 4th Street 
   Springfield, IL 62704 
   Schedule Appointments: 217-545-8000

Dr. Rachel Rahman and Dr. Ankit Sharma are the designated medical student doctors.  These doctors have no involvement in the academic assessment of or decisions about the promotion of students. SIU policy is that students see a provider with no involvement in academic assessment of or in discussions about promotion.

  • Billing questions: Contact Stephanie Garman at 217-545-7634.
  • To make appointments: Contact the Call Center at 217-545-8000 and ask for SIU Family Medicine. 
  • Triage nurse: For questions not related to regular scheduling or billing - Michaela Blackburn 217-747-1371 or Tara South 217-545-7634
  • Hours: Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
  • After hours: Call the answering service at 217-545-8000 and ask for the Center for the Family Medicine doctor on call.

Mental Health Counseling

  • Confident mental health services are provided through the SIU Behavioral Health Program at SIU Center for Family and Community Medicine.
  • Mental health providers work in conjunction with primary care providers within SIU Center for Family and Community Medicine.
  • Mental health and primary care providers have no role in the training, assessment or promotion of medical students.
  • The Associate Dean for Student Affairs is available for personal advising of students but does not provide mental health counseling
  • You may schedule an appointment by calling 217-747-0836 or by emailing
  • Visit in person at SIU Center for Family and Community Medicine: 520 North 4th Street

Student Medical Benefit Extended Care Fee Refund

  • If you are covered by another insurance carrier and desire a refund of the Student Medical Benefit Extended Care fee, an application for a refund must be submitted during the first two weeks of the Fall semester and Spring semester
  • The application must be made EACH semester that a refund is desired. However, if you are covered by another insurance carrier, maintaining the SIUC Student Medical Extended Care Plan may further reduce the costs of claims to you.
  • Petition to Waive
  • Waiving the student health insurance plan does not exclude access to the Carbondale on-campus Student Health Center.

Springfield Student Health Insurance

  • The SIU Family & Community Medicine Clinic is your primary care provider.
  • Medical students pay two fees for healthcare.
    • The first fee covers your primary care, including labs and simple x-rays.
    • The second fee covers referrals, ER visits, and more expensive tests. The second fee (extended care fee) may be refundable if you show proof of other insurance coverage.

Primary Care: Dr. Ankit Sharma and Dr. Rachel Rahman are your primary contacts at SIU Medicine Center for Family and Community Medicine. Dr. Careyana Brenham is the Director. 

  • To schedule an appointment, call 217-545-8000, and be sure to identify yourself as a medical student.
  • Another student or resident should not evaluate you unless you waive that right.
  • You will have to pay the co-pay of $10.00 to go to SIU Medicine Center for Family and Community Medicine.
  • If a provider orders labs these should be sent to Quest.  Any simple x-rays, you should get these at Memorial Medical Center and show them your SIU School of Medicine Student Photo Identification Card.
  • Specialty Care, Emergency Room Visits, and Expensive Tests: To have any of these paid for, you must have prior approval. If approved, there is a $100.00 per year deductible you must pay. After that, your insurance will cover 80% of the agreed cost. You will be responsible for the remaining 20%. All bills should be directed to SIU Family and Community Medicine.

Infection Control

  • All students are included in the policies of SIU School of Medicine as approved by the ICSC.

Needle Sticks & Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure

  • During work hours: From 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., immediately call the ID Nurse at 217-545-8970, pager # 217-492-2446, located at 201 East Madison, 3rd floor.
  • After hours, on Weekends, or on Holidays: Call the SIU Answering Service at 217-545-8000 and have them page the ID physician on call.
  • Please review the Exposure Procedure Sheet.